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I havnt posted in a long while.But after reading Phil's comments i thought i must reply.

Originally Posted by Phil View Post

'My favourite track hands down is The Second Time. The only diminishing factor is that god-awful synthersizer during the bridge section but alas, it was a sign of the times. I'll never understand why this song has been so mercilessly flogged.

Second fave would be the title track, closely followed by Love Is Dangerous and Freedom.

Worst song is probably Hard Feelings but basically anything Billy Burnette ever did made my stomach turn. He ought to be assassinated. I was fond of Rick though - he should have stuck around for Time - then perhaps it wouldn't have turned out to be the worst album ever recorded - not just by the Mac but by any artist. Completely and utterly atrocious.'

My fav tracks on BTM is In The Back Of My Mind & Behind The Mask(The demos are as good if not better than the tracks that i have listed)

While On Time my favs are Winds Of Change & All Over Again.

Im my opinion Time is a good album as was Behind The Mask.

My ratings out of 10 would be BTM (7.5) Time (8) Say You Will (5)

Fleetwood Mac would have been better if Rick Vito,Billy Burnette and Christine Mcvie were still in the band.

Even though i like all eras of fleetwood mac i for one will not be buying a new FM album or going to see them on tour, if the same line up remains and if it becomes the LB love in show

But if the Mick Fleetwood Band tour in the UK i would jump at the chance to see them live.


Ps apologies if this post if a bit offtrack
Feel free to move it if required


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