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Originally Posted by ILoveFM View Post
When I talked to my dad about my birthday present, he basically said it just some cash, that maybe I'd like to buy that necklace I was wanting to get. I just started laughing

But yes I have one! It's the silver one which isn't too bad. I wish I had the jewel incrusted one though!
Ugh I'm trying to make a Christmas list for my parents... but I realize that I will be buying all this stuff for them anyways because they don't get eBay... or most of the internet for that matter.

That's just what I want! Is it from Camia's or the Enchanted Mirror? I'm not sure which one I want.

And viv, here's the link for the bag:

I'm just wondering, how do we know what color we're ordering? There's no option that I can see! I want purple.

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