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Originally Posted by LukeA View Post
Fair enough, but why would Lindsey find it appropriate to make snarky comments on-stage about the record label not promoting his album (re: "Did You Miss Me"/GOS tour) if he couldn't have been bothered to perform the most accessible & arguably the best overall track (and only THE FOCUS OF ALL MARKETING EFFORTS) from the UTS album on the tour supporting said album? Because he's a smug ass? Oh, that's right.
DOR wasn't the only focus of all marketing efforts. CAD, Show You How and It Was You received a lot of publicity.

When he made comments about the record company not promoting his GOS album, he also remarked that the record company chose the poppy Did You Miss Me as the single. Maybe that wouldn't have been his choice. Maybe omitting DOR doesn't contradict the comments he made on stage during the GOS tour, but reinforces them. Maybe he didn't put Down on Rodeo in the setlist because he wanted to expose less commercial songs in the slot that DOR would have held. Since he had to perform the 3 songs that were released before UTS came out, along with GYOW, Holiday Road and Trouble, maybe he felt that there just wasn't room for one more "safe" play.

Furthermore, DOR was pretty well known among fans already and maybe he wanted to showcase the songs from the album that were less familiar.

I had a problem with Lindsey not doing OOTC songs. And I had an even bigger problem when he told us he was going to do them next tour and then all we got was Don't Look Down. So, I don't approve of his setlist choices 100% and I don't think disagree that he's smug. But the criticism you're leveling about the exclusion of DOR seems to prove the presence of his testicles, rather than refute their presence, as you've charged.

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