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Originally Posted by LukeA View Post
Yes (although it was at an encore towards the end of the Soundstage taping). I was trying to give Lindsey the benefit of the doubt. Its just obnoxious when Lindsey complains about the promotion of his albums when, at his direction, "Down On Rodeo" is mentioned as one of the singles on the sticker affixed to the cover. Its not like we didn't already identify Lindsey as a self-absorbed asshole, but why add "hypocritical" to the mix?
I think Down on Rodeo is a commercial song and it doesn't take any chutzpah to perform. If he backed out of performing Red Rover or Murrow or even Come, I could see your point, but not performing DOR is in no way selling out. Not Too Late , Shut Us Down and Under the Skin (the song) are much more adventurous choices than DOR. I think DOR would have been more popular live. So, while it might have been wise for him to perform it, I don't think it was at all hypocritical or lacking in courage to pass it over.

He does play it safe too often for my liking. He could have dropped Holiday Road. He could stop playing Big Love when he makes promotional appearances. He could quit saying that the fans expect Rumours songs. But I can't think of a single thing that's unsafe about DOR. It could easily have been one of the 3 pop songs featured (CAD, Show You How and It Was You being the others) before the album was released to entice casual listeners.

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