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Originally Posted by fairydust75 View Post
Sara Fleetwood, although they probably were not married yet.
Didn't Carol Ann, Sara, and Dennis hang while The Mac were on the road. Didn't Lindsey say Dennis slept with his girlfriend. Maybe it was Carol Ann.
Yes, you are right. I thought it was referring to Carol Ann. Wasn't there something about Ed Roach in her book "Storms?" Let me ck on that.....................................yes, he is in there.

Page 217-217 "On some nights Dennis would bring Ed Roach along and the 4 of us would have a blast. Ed was one of Dennis's childhood friends. He was handsome, perenially tanned, and had the same cavalier, dashing presence as his buddy Dennis. Already a renowned photographer, he would become an L.A. club owner and entrepreneur in the years to come."

She also refers to him in the acknowledgments as letting her use his fabulous photos in the book. So they obviously knew each other.
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