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Gotta love digging up some of these older threads ...

Simply The Best: Bob Welch shines with 14 karat gold!

Great: Hypnotized, Keep On Going, Miles Away, Why, Emerald Eyes, Believe Me, The Way I Feel, Somebody

Good: The City, Forever, For Your Love

Ok: Just Crazy Love

All around * CLASSIC * middle era Mac

Of Note:
- Bob Welch + Bob Weston guitar interplay, and Weston's knockout arrangement of Christie's Why
- Christie's first huge album splash with the Mac, and her dynamite delivery on Welch's Keep On Going - great strings too!
- Mick and John's rhythmic muscle
- For Your Love (the old Yardbird's cover) replaced Welch's Good Things (Come To Those Who Wait) on the album just before official release (too bad too)

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