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Originally Posted by Sanne2 View Post
I've been reading German, Belgian and Dutch reviews and they are very mixed. General consensus is that that Christine sounds old and frail and at times off key, Mick can't keep up with the tempo, Neil and Mike are appreciated but Lindsey is missed, the nostalgia factor worked well for the festivals, but as a closer for the 50th Pinkpop it just wasn't spectacular enough.
that's what i saw too, from what i can catch using different social media translate functions. sounds pretty factual and neutral. some positives, some negatives.

all in all if people thought the reviews of Classics in summer of 2017 were bad and something needed to be done with the band, these reviews are way worse than those Classic ones.

"kind of weird: a tribute to the dearly departed from a band that can treat its living like trash"
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