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Of course the song is fantastic but the rest of the album is pretty good. I am always so surprised why OSOTM gets lost or flamed for being a bad album because of a Kenny G sax solo or something.
I just did my review of the album which does contain a few duds IMHO. However, the rest of the album is wonderful. I do agree with Stevie in a sense that it was her last great album. So sad more people don't see that. Her writing was so personal and auto-biographical - even more so than she normally does. And I agree with the other poster who said coming from 1989, the album could have been so more 80s or synth but it wasn't. It was very grounded for 1989. I admire that about the album. Good gosh, RAL was a disaster IMHO. Even Tango is more synth pop than OSOTM.
Its personal, magical, so well written and produced. Besides Bella Donna, Stevie's writing and craft of songs is the best on this album.

Still I believe.....BACKSTABBING AND BETRAYAL will show us how

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