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I agree that this song, and this album, are lost underrated masterpieces. This album really needs more love and attention within the fan community. It’s seems it’s always being dismissed simply because of the production. That’s a shame because it was 1989 and Stevie (and Rupert) really could’ve went all out and produced and even more “synthy” sound then they did. I think it’s a good combination of what Stevie’s solo sound already was with a few electronic flourishes and it all had an appealing balance to it. I’m grateful that she wrote the songs before she lost her ability to write at all because of klonopin. It really feels like she’s correct when she calls it her magic album. Ive been listening to it non-stop for the past 2 months. Rooms On Fire is still breathtaking to this day, as is Ooh My Love. I have to add that Long Way To Go, Ghosts and Alice are my other favorites. With Doing The Best I Can (Escape From Berlin) as an honorable mention. I love the whole Alice In Wonderland/Gothy vibe going on, as well.

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