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Originally Posted by chriskisn View Post

Did Jenny really have an affair (or more than an affair of the mind) with Weston (Weston said no).

What ever happened to that final Weston album "At this moment (Jan 2008) Bob Weston is recording new material in the Markant Recording Studios in Heeze (the Netherlands). Expect some new material to be released later in the year." Four years later he dies alone in his flat and we will never see that album.
I didn't realize that Weston said there was no affair, as he doesn't seem to deny it at all on his Q&A on this site - or perhaps I am misreading his answers. See what you think: (he also mentions he read Mick's book and sites no disagreement in that area)

Specifically this q/a:

4) This may be way too personal, so I'm preparing myself for a "That's none of your #$%@&-ing business" response, but were you and Jenny still an item after your split with FM? If not, have you had a chance since that time to speak with her? Are there any harsh feelings between the two of you over that whole episode? I'm laughing to myself as I write this next part, but please feel free to skip this question. God knows, none of us want to offend or make you feel uncomfortable!

Q4: Re Jenny: she's since remarried, and is a qualified counsellor/psychologist; we keep in touch and remain the best of friends. In fact just recently she said much the same thing, that the Mick and Christine distance was sad given the shortness of time...

then this one later:
Hi Bob, time for a "tabloid question", someone has to ask (in fact if anyone already has, I apologise for the repetition). Any regrets about getting involved with Jenny? Was it love or just one of those things? How did it feel to be the third guy to be fired from the 'Mac? Do you regard Mick as a hypocrite given his later behaviour particularly regarding Stevie? On a musical note, did you have the same rapport on stage with Mick that Bob said he had in the last Q&A regarding spontaneous jamming etc? Have you been asked to participate in any solo albums by 'Mac members (Danny excepted)? Thanks for the time taken on this Q&A, I look forward to receiving the album and if you do decide to tour, keep Dublin in mind. (Peter Cunningham, Dublin, Ireland)

Hi Peter,

No, no regrets. Jenny and I are still good friends.

Re leaving the Mac: it might sound strange, but I didn't feel at the time that I was fired. Usually you're fired by the boss; in my case there was no boss there. It felt more like a parting of the ways.

Re Mick's behaviour: I really didn't follow that situation; I wasn't interested, not my business. Don't know.

Re musical rapport: working with Mick on drums was a pleasure, but our stage set was a fixed format, very rehearsed, and we never digressed into jamming/improvisation.

Re solo albums: no, Danny was the only one.

See you in Dublin! Mine's a Guinness.
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