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Originally Posted by BklynBlue View Post
Although the Welch and Weston years are way out of my swim-lane, I did a quick search of the Seven Souls on the site Discogs and they show a French EP
This site is usually pretty good in terms of collecting all the different versions of any given record – from what I can tell, I don’t believe that the Seven Souls recorded enough material for an LP – even one running under thirty minutes (which was not unusual in those days)
I hope that this “answers” at least one of your questions – again, I don’t claim any particular knowledge here, just trying to help
However, questions about the Peter Green era, that’s a different story…
Oh by all accounts the self-titled LP does exist, released on Barclay in 1969, but your point about there not been enough material has been one sticking point on that issue. There are 9 Seven Souls tracks if you add the EP to the singles and b-sides, almost enough for an LP but seriously who puts all their singles on an LP? Self titled albums are the hardest to track down when you are trying to find out of print stuff, it has driven me to the point of insanity several times with different artists.

It was released in France, I think not long after Bob had left the band/band had broken up, it is rumoured, if I remember correctly to have a red cover, and was confirmed by at least one member of the band, who I think Bob asked about it. I suspect it was released by the record company without much input from the members.

There is also a rumoured copy owned by someone who had all their vinyl in storage (and from where the memory of the red cover came from). That info also came via Bob I think.

Having said all of that, what we have is very limited proof, a memory of someone who owned a copy (or maybe it was just the EP) and a memory of a member.

I did at one point send some of the living members I could track down a message via facebook asking about it, but no-one replied. Probably thought I was a bit crazy!

Even my memory of all of this is a bit shaky, there was a discussion post about it on here a few years back, and we did try a bit of internet research to no avail. I suspect someone in France could track down copyright details or such, but after 40 - 50 years who knows.

No amount of internet searching has uncovered anything though, an obscure, yet talented, band that has pretty much been forgotten, and would be completely forgotten except for Welch's membership.

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