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Default Answers we will never know

I've been thinking recently about the stuff that the late John Fitzgerald (wetcamelfood) and I used to chat about with regards to Fleetwood Mac. Specifically the answers to questions that we either won't know, or won't know for sure.

Like was there a LP released by the Seven Souls in France. A couple of the members claimed to remember it, apparently someone owned a copy in storage, and Bob Welch just couldn't really remember.

Are there any copies still in existence of the 22nd Streatham Cub Scouts LP Songs for Your Enjoyment album featuring Bob Brunning?

If Dave Walker was never in Humble Pie, why is he listed around the internet as being a member?

Did the Stones really want Danny Kirwan?

Did Jenny really have an affair (or more than an affair of the mind) with Weston (Weston said no).

What ever happened to that final Weston album "At this moment (Jan 2008) Bob Weston is recording new material in the Markant Recording Studios in Heeze (the Netherlands). Expect some new material to be released later in the year." Four years later he dies alone in his flat and we will never see that album.

There are probably lots of other unanswered questions, but I started thinking about the Seven Souls album and it made me think of other things.
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