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Originally Posted by Nikolaj View Post
"Play the over".... what the hail does that mean??
The over, if you bet it you would be betting that the teams combined
score would go over a certain amount set by sweet guys called bookies, or

Parlay or Teasers is a bet on the total score of both teams and taking
the over or under and then picking a team that has to win by
a certain amount of points set by odds-makers. Note that picking the favored
team you have to lay points. Picking the underdog (not the cartoon) you
recieve points. And since you are really making two bets, you get to tease
the bet by a few points on the total and the getting/giving points line.

Don't forget to figure in the Juice.

And even though I feel I'm being set-up...
Bama is just short for Alabama and
many people just call the football team Bama.
But if you're a yankee you are required to use
the following words at all times when referring
to the greatest college football team of all time.
And those words are...
The Alabama Crimson Tide or
The Crimson Tide Of Alabama.
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