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Originally Posted by ILoveFM View Post
I was accepted into the college I've always wanted to attend the day I took my last AP test in May. I had been placed on the 'wait-list' in March and they finally called me and told me that I had been accepted!!.. But it was for Spring semester. I cried and cried that whole day because I felt like a loser for only getting accepted for Spring semester. Anyway I've been playing it off for months to family and friends that I'm so happy to have this semester off and I'm getting to save up money for college and I'm so happy, etc., but I still feel like a loser who will never leave home. I have a fear that it'll all be taken away from me any day now. Ah, crazy irrational thinking I'm sure.

JTIS because who's better supporting than fellow Ledgies
I'm applying to colleges right now and I totally understand the anxiety. If I don't get into Kenyon, I will be sooooooo upset.

Can I ask what school you are talking about?
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