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Originally Posted by lazy poker View Post
sadly i can't really read the according writing on the picture of the reel boxes, but i'd say mr. lewry is probably wrong on this, as a) he seems to be the only one with this opinion, b) mick's style of drumming can be detected rather easily on the recording (being quite different to s.p. leary's) and c) in doubt i'd rather trust the info of producer mike vernon (he was definitely there).

as for the "colossus" sessions - again according to mike vernon - otis was keen on playing with the mac again, but insisted on his long-standing / trusted sideman leary to occupy the drum stool.
I am sure you're right. I've never really intently and consciously listened to drumming. To my untrained ear Leary's playing is more up front, fussy, and on the beat (though that description may be completely off).

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