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Originally Posted by eclipse
-Oh yeah...the coke deal...C'mon, even if everyone was doing it-somewhere in your mind you HAD to know it would come to no good end
The police raided Studio 54 & busted up cocaine parties on what seemed a regular basis back around 1978-1980. Cocaine was widely regarded as a dangerous, illegal drug, even then.
Another unpopular opinion that I have is not that she didn't have children because of her love of music and her "art and craft" (the whole, I wouldn't have given myself totally to a child or children...please )
I think it is more along the lines of when she was in her 30's going through so much drama, and turmoil, ( I give the woman credit-she did have some very difficult times emotionally to struggle through)
I've never in my life met a person who didn't have difficult times & emotional struggles to contend with. I've always wondered why Stevie is singled out for praise on that point.
I don't have the time/patience/desire to have children-simple as that, but I feel she needs to make it seem more of a selflless act as opposed to a selfish one. She makes it sound like it has been such a sacrifice..that bugs me.
Stevie fans really ram home that sacrifice angle, too. They talk about "Look what Stevie has given up just to give this precious art to us," & they wail & prostrate themselves before The Sacrifice. I find all that pretty silly.
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