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Originally Posted by dontlookdown View Post
Stevie Nicks broke up Fleetwood Mac as we knew them. Despite what she wants to believe, she killed the band.

Based on what i've heard from a few music people in LA, this tour is a one-off situation and there is no intention to continue FM with Mike and Neil. I think they're done and I think they're aware that this is the public perception. It's almost as if they decided to go out with negative drama, instead of on a high note.
Interesting, and not at all surprising. Mike is also in the studio with the Dirty Knobs. New music and planning a tour in 2020. I would expect Stevie would go out solo next year. Neil probably has gotten a little surge in popularity so perhaps some new stuff from CH? That leaves John, Christine and Mick.......there's an irony here. #KARMA
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