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Originally Posted by Brwn_eyes0511
Ok..PETA is the same people who boycotted "The Passion of The Christ" because it involves the slaughter of cows...oh now wait...there are no animals in why did they boycot it? What possible motive did they have.
PETA never boycotted The Passion of the Christ, I don't know where you're getting you misinformation.

Originally Posted by Brwn_eyes0511
Frankly, I could care less if you are a memeber of PETA...glad you got that memebership card. And who are you to say I don't have a "clue" what I'm talking about...anyone can make anything "seem" one way, when it really is another.

The load of ****, my friend, is coming from your mouth...not mine!
Gimme a break, your lips are brown by this point.

The torture and abuse perpetrated against chickens by KFC and their suppliers is incredibly well-documented. To dismiss any of it is not only idiotic, but signs of a truly delusional person. More than half of the footage that has been shot of these slaughterhouses have been hidden cameras, fully showing how treacherous and cruel these people are in their treatment of these poor animals. You, my friend, have no heart.

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