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Originally Posted by aleuzzi View Post
I have a real problem with a book like this being marketed for public consumption. Stevie is the said victim of abuse, but she hasn't written it, nor has she seemed to have openly authorized the writer to create a thesis like this cobbled together from past snippets of interviews or private communications.

I'm not saying that the thesis isn't true. It might be. But Stevie herself would have to publicly stand behind the book's publication and endorse the views therein. Otherwise, it's a best hearsay and at [b]worst muckraking and sensationalism.
I agree. It is distasteful and completely unnecessary. I'm particularly appalled at the nastiness about Lindsey's "fading stardom." That suggestion is both hurtful, UNTRUE, and shameful, especially when it's about an artist who has achieved all that Lindsey has AND who is still successfully touring with NEW music forty years after the beginning of a stellar and stratospheric career. I believe this nonsense will hurt rather than help the sales of the book.
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