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I was at the gig at Queen Mary College- I think ,but I remember nothing of it ,except that we were watching it from a balcony (perhaps someone could confirm or not whether the hall at this college had a balcony ,as his might confirm that it was there ) I assume that I don't remember anything due to the fact that it was a pretty unmemorable performance I'm afraid, sorry lads and Christine !Certainly don't remember the support band !
I also saw them at the Marquee club in 1971( also mentioned in this thread) -much better than the former gig I was impressed with Bob Welch's playing, and he was a pretty confident front man , but my specific memories are only that at one point, during the middle of a number, Mick began litterally drooling, and McVie , I presume at the end of the song ,went over and put an arm round him and comforted him, .I've no idea what was going on here .thoughMick's drumming throughout the the number was fine !I was a little shocked .Only other thing I can remember is ,that despite them ceasing to use Orange equipment for the whole band ,a long time previously , Mc Vie was using some huge Orange cabinet ( far bigger than a single 4 X12 )driven by some other make of bass amp,and the whole ampset up seemed a complete motley mixture Oh ,and no seating in the Marquee ,so it was a standing audience -at least in the body of the room .
Can you remember what amp and cabinet Danny Kirwan used?
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