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Originally Posted by StevieandChris View Post
I think the decision was made based on a mixture of business and personal reasons. I believe all 5 contributed to the breakdown. This happened over time. I think it is was clear after Say You Will that Stevie never wanted to record with Lindsey again. I think Lindsey’s attitude/behavior also plays a part. I am not convinced by that video shot by fans means he never said he wanted to delay the tour until 2019. He easily could have said that to FM in the weeks preceding that video. His request combined with his comments over the Classic shows and his manager PLUS the ongoing tension with Stevie may have been what cemented his fate. Was it the right decision? I don’t think so. She is obviously narcissistic and has an overflated ego (as does Mick, and as does Lindsey). It’s disappointing. I think the four will regret the decision. But the decision was made. I think the idea anyone is above being fired is ridiculous, no matter how popular or important someone is. If they had given Stevie her walking papers for not recording what became BuckVie, that would have been their right.

I am trying not to argue about it with anyone anymore because it is exhausting and people are upset
i completely agree with everything you wrote here. especially the highlighted parts. including that LB probably did originally asked for delay (although most probably Nov 2018 and not 2019) and then backed off by the time of Musicares. which means at the time they fired him the reasoning Mick and Stevie keep citing was not there anymore.

so no arguments from me - from what i can tell you are basically saying the same as most LB, FM, BN and disappointed SN fans here.

from everything you say above and what we can piece together there was no good reason to fire LB, while there were many good reasons to fire SN over the last decade.

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