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Originally Posted by bethelblues View Post
I think You Make Loving Fun has aged extremely well. That shuffle groove gah... it's just so damn cool. Love it. Good point on Little Lies. They certainly could have reworked it and they certainly still can rework it. For this 1997 reunion the band did do this. They made Everywhere work and I think it sounded great! I can't say they've put the same thought and time into reworking any of their songs for subsequent tours, which is really too bad. Without the pressure of a live album and how that would be received, they have just gone through the motions in their rehearsals, so much so that Stevie missed quite a bit this time around promoting the IYD documentary.
yeah, but The Dance was their BIG re-introduction to the public via MTV. Stevie even said "How many bands in their 50's get played on MTV??" . So, they upped their game. The subsequent tours were put together by managers for $$$$$$$$$. I wish they had treated each one as thoughtfully as they did The Dance. I do think the SYW tour was good, (anything adding Beautiful Child works for me). But for some reason, Stevie was NOT happy on that tour.
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