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Originally Posted by jeets2000 View Post
This strikes me as such an odd comment to make in the context of overall concert experience. If you're there and enjoying the show (because you're "starstruck" or otherwise), then why does it matter if the performers miss a note here or there? Maybe it's just me, but that doesn't limit my enjoyment. It's a natural part of seeing a live show.

If the suggestion is that they're off-key and missing notes throughout the entirety of the show, that's incorrect.

First off let me thank you for being part of one of only nineteen posts in the
nearly seventeen years you've been here. I feel special.

Unless you're going to a magic show where you intentionally suspend belief in
truth or reality to be able to enjoy the show, one should enjoy (or not) the show
they're witnessing based on that particular performance and nothing else.
That's hard to do for super fans. It clouds our judgement most times.

Missing a note here or there? I guess it's according to how many times that
happens during the show to whether or not you can judge it as acceptable or
not. I don't think anyone on this message board has suggested that complete
concerts are like that on this Buckingham McVie Tour.

Some are acting like you can't judge at all what the recordings devices are
capturing on this tour, as imperfect as these devices are. Even knowing the
limitations of the recording equipment used you can still hear for yourself
what I've written about in previous posts.

The only natural part about seeing a live show where the performers are
nearing seventy years old is knowing beforehand that they can't possibly
be as good as they were in the distant past. And in accepting that, I believe
one can still enjoy a performance all things considered.

Remember this is coming from someone who wishes success for them. I
wouldn't have the new CD and vinyl if I weren't a fan.
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