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Originally Posted by elle View Post
everyone the freedom to come and go? what are you talking about???? you did read all these reports that Lindsey was FIRED, right? how is that coming and going as you please?

the drama is real. did you see Lindsey's daughter's IG post last night? "Fleetwood Mac isnít Fleetwood Mac without you #prouddaughter"

she was responding to and liking people's outpours of love and support. she confirmed he was fired. Lindsey's brother also commented on her post.

many fans have heard this boiling (and didn't wanna believe it!) for the last 2 months.
I didn't say the drama wasn't real. I just see a lot of fans and a lot of the media manufacturing a lot of the drama, and filling in a narrative that none of us were present for. Yes Lindsey chose to not tour, and yes the rest of the band chose to book the tour without him. I'm sure it was really hard and unpleasant, but possibly more amicable than we think. He didn't want to tour, they did. They've always had an open door policy.
Unfortunately the end result has often been cheesy and a little "off-brand" for Fleetwood Mac.
This time is a little different with Mike Campbell on board, but that doesn't make it any less painful.
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