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Fleetwood Mac has had more changes in personnel than any band in history. I understand that. What gets me is the timing of this. Fleetwood Mac's time as a band is limited. There are probably a handful of years that the band can keep going.

Lindsey mentioned in one of the documentaries on Fleetwood Mac about there being a thread between the start with Peter Green, to Bob Welch to he and Stevie. Post 1987 and the additions of Billy, Rick and later Bekka and Dave, Fleetwood Mac had potential to go to new territories like the band's previous incarnations. Regardless of how you feel about Behind The Mask or Time, Fleetwood Mac still had so much to give musically. Adding two new members to the band at this stage is so insulting to me. It feels soulless and wrong. I would have zero problem if Billy, Rick, Bekka, Dave or another previous member were in on the point of this band's life.

I get sad when I think how Bob Welch never got a proper farewell with the band. Without him, Fleetwood Mac never enjoys the success they had after Bob stepped away. I feel the same way about this situation. In the grand scheme of things, my opinion and feelings on this matter mean absolutely nothing. I just feel so sad and so disappointed. This band will always be a huge part of my life. I guess that's why this hurts so much.
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