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Originally Posted by iamnotafraid View Post
For me it's always winning or losing with dignity and grace.
Most of the time winning.

It's not hard to see why the sports writers are already picking
Bama to win it all again. How many times do they have to win
the championship for anyone to even doubt they'll be there again
and again and again?
Saban recruits like no other.

Clemson was a great team. But now it's over. Let's look to the
future which looks very Crimson.
You had me at "losing with dignity" but just couldn't let it go and had to follow up with "Most of the time winning."

By claiming that the Tide is the only team to do it again and again, you're disrespecting great programs that probably existed before you were born, BUT were also dynasties nonetheless:

USC Trojans, 1967-79.
Ohio State Buckeyes, 1968-75.
Alabama Crimson Tide, 1971-79.
Oklahoma Sooners, 1971-80.
Miami Hurricanes, 1983-92.
Florida State Seminoles, 1987-2000.
Nebraska Cornhuskers, 1993-97.
USC Trojans, 2003-2008.

Don't forget too, that although he may not care, Saban is one of the most "hated" coaches in all of football, by both writers, owners, other coaches and even some former Tide players. I haven't heard the same being said about Spurrier or Urban Meyer.

Oh, and sports writers don't play football, they ONLY watch and comment. The best of the armchair warriors.

Only 363 days until the Tide gets Rolled again.................................Say IT!! Tide Rolled Tide!!
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