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Default This is a cool story & Stevie is mentioned

When I told my father, Alvin S. Glenn, that I'm gay, I didn't come out and say it.

I really should have though. My father was a former military man. He served 29 years in the United States Army and had an aversion to being dramatic. No tears, no dramatic pauses, and no beating around the bush. Just say what you need to say and be done with it.

But to say that I was nervous as we drove to the grocery store was an understatement.

Alvin McEwen :: The night I told my father I'm gay
"Pop, I said. I don't think you need to worry about grandchildren when it comes to me."

Granted, that this was during the time when I inaccurately thought being gay meant that you could not have a family complete with little rugrats (I say that word with much affection) running all over the place. I figured that statement was the best way the best way to break the news to him.

My father, however, said three words to me that made it all unnecessary:

"I knew that already."

To tell the truth, I was a little shocked. But I really shouldn't have been. No matter how I try, I'm not the most butch fellow in the world.

Maybe it's my diva fascination.

During Halloween in second grade, I borrowed my mother's ratty bathroom, my aunt's cold cream and went as Bette Davis in the dressing room scene of All About Eve.

When I was in fifth grade, I had a Diana Ross fascination.

By seventh grade, Ms. Ross was replaced by Stevie Nicks.

So needless to say that I'm not exactly the "straight-acting" gay man type.

But still, my father saying that he already knew that I'm gay floored me. Apparently he and my younger brother had been discussing the matter for some time before I came out to him.

After the revealing that he already knew of my sexual orientation, my father proceeded to tell me that while he does not particularly understand why I am gay, he accepted me as his son.
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