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Originally Posted by PenguinHead View Post
I recently pulled out my slim amount of bootlegs from her solo tour. I have to give her props for performing every song from her album (not always in the entire set). In addition she also performed these FM songs:

Spare Me A Little
Just Crazy Love
World Turning
Say You Love Me
Over My Head
Don't Stop
You Make Loving Fun
Hold Me

One rarity is a song called Too Much Is Not Enough. She mentions that the band wrote it together but it was cut from the album for space issues. This leads me to believe that there might be a studio version that never saw the light of day. It's a rocking song with an intricate chorus vocal. Anyone know about this?

Also, another obscurity to me: a studio duet she sings with Todd Sharp called We Were Lonely. I suspect that Todd wrote it. However it's hard to tell if it was recorded during her solo sessions. I wonder if it appeared on a Todd Sharp solo album, if there is such a thing!
Saw this show and it was amazing... the tv concert was no where near the intensity of the live show in Cleveland...
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