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Originally Posted by cbBen View Post
run across the article below from the Say You Will era. In it Lindsey says of Fleetwood Mac, "I would be completely happy to continue with this, never to pursue anything solo again. Because it's a hell of a lot easier." I read "easier" as referring, at least in part, to getting his music released.
yeah same as if the band continued in the direction he pushed them on Tusk - he said many times if they did, he would never have a need for solo outlet.

he tried the 2nd time with Say You Will - many of his songs were much edgier than regular FM sound. he hoped maybe now when they were older and happily reunited the band would be on board with just making interesting music together. the man is not egomaniac and just cares about making and putting out music, any way he can.

"kind of weird: a tribute to the dearly departed from a band that can treat its living like trash"
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