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Originally Posted by kak125 View Post
Bwboy, I loved your review! They really do look like they are having a blast on this tour and I agree about wanting to see another show. R
From what I saw on twitter it looks like another sold out show too. I wish this one would have been on a weekend I would have gone for sure its a nice easy drive from Pittsburgh.
I saw pics on fb with Stevie taking a flower crown from somebody in the front row and wearing it. Did she say anything about it? The pics are super cute.
They are posted here:*F
I was going to joke that I was the one who have Stevie the crown, but I didn't LOL. Someone from the audience gave it to her, she put it on her head and then took the other one that was given to her and put it on Mick's head. He made a big show of kneeling so she could put it on him. Mick was a good sport about it.

I'm glad you also noticed the sheer joy they've displayed this tour. It is tangible, it really is.
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