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Originally Posted by DownOnRodeo View Post
At the 0:40 mark of the We Belong video I thought she was clapping together two pieces of lettuce.

What about Cyndi Lauper? Maybe it's the look or the voice but she seems more "rock n roll" than Carole King or Pat Benatar, to me. (Obviously not intended to dismiss Carole King--who deserves something better than the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame anyway, such as the Gershwin Prize she's already pocketed.)
I'm assuming you were under the influence, or just making a lame attempt at being funny, but I'd say she wasn't clapping two pieces of lettuce together, without even re-watching the video.

Cyndi Lauper is more ROCK than Pat Benatar?! Now that's funny!

What do ya got Cyndi? Hit me with your best shot!
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