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Originally Posted by jwd View Post
Linda Ronstadt didn't write any of her songs to the best of my knowledge. I'd say Pat had a stronger hand in writing some of her biggest hits than Stevie had in hers'. Examples, SDMHA and "Talk To Me" weren't written by Stevie. Anyway, not sure if songwriting is one thing "The Hall" looks at when nominating and voting an artist in.
I don't know. Pat was certainly a wonderfully trained singer in the classic sense. She even wrote some of her songs.
Someone once said that it sounds like Linda's voice cries a little when she sings and I think that description nails it. She sang folk, pop, rock Broadway show tunes and fronted Nelson Riddle's orchestra. Her voice is the product of a god given talent like that of being struck by lightning. They both belong there but for different reasons.
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