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I think it was spot on. She clearly doesn’t like acting. She didn’t really have a lot of time to do this as she was getting ready to tour. She probably didn’t want the stress of having to try to act out a scene while dealing with all the crap with FM. And frankly, if she had anyone reporting back to her about stuff that’s said on social media and her “fan” boards she was probably told a majority of your fans say your acting sucks. So why would she put herself through that again.

I remember when she talked about her first appearance and she said all she expected to do was to walk into the room and say “hello witches”, so I’m glad she got to do this one the way she wanted. And the idea of her healing Misty with such a wonderful song like Gypsy, and slightly redirecting the lyrics at the end to seem to be about her directly was a nice touch. I cried so much when that happened. If I were sick and Stevie sang directly to me I know I’d feel worlds better. It was also reminiscent of how she always used to visit the veterans in the hospital. So I thought it fit perfectly.
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