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Originally Posted by SteveMacD View Post
Actually, with TIME, he thought the band had some potential.
My guess is that, if he thought the TIME project had any potential, it was owing to the fact that Dashut was involved (along with the three Brits, of course).

Lindsey was a fan of Dave Mason
Find the exact quote & let's examine that putative admiration again. Let's try to put it into some sort of believable context (for example, Lindsey liked a very old Mason album that predated TIME by about 20 years).

and was more than aware of Bekka Bramlett's potential.
Did I miss something, or are you conjecturing?

Then again, Lindsey talks out of both sides of his ass, so who knows.
Well, yeah, he does that. But after all these years, you (of all people) should by now have a pretty good idea of what sort of music & production he gravitates toward.
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