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Originally Posted by bwboy View Post
In an interview with Lindsey, he said that Stevie was the one who got upset when Sheryl started floating the idea in the media. He even said Stevie's friendship with Sheryl cooled for a while. This interview was collected in the book Fleetwood Mac on Fleetwood Mac by Sean Egan.
this was because Sheryl wasn't following the rules. Fleetwood Mac has a story they want told about things, and there's a hierarchy in the band... I think Stevie didn't like Sheryl not deferring to the wishes of the more "senior" band members wishes on how to roll the whole idea out. And I'm sure Stevie knows that they'd have to handle it in a way that didn't go contrary to Lindsey's wished. Sheryl opened a can of worms by talking about it before the band had come to consensus about how to frame it, how to spin how this wasn't a lounge act thing to do etc.
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