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Originally Posted by Ghost_Tracker View Post
P.S. - How's THIS for WILD though??? I got curious once too and looked it up on one of the Geneology sites. Don't quote me on the exact details, but the general idea is that her family was from an area called "Buckingham."
I always found it interesting that Lucille Ball's middle name was Desiree, considering she married a Desi.

I think Stevie's father was named Jess Nicks. Middle name began with an "S." I don't think Jess was short for Jesus.

Looking at a family tree for Aaron Jess Nicks (the grandfather -- I don't think the middle name is actually Jesus), I see he died in August 1974. His wife was Effie. His parents were Johnathan Nicks and Fannie Lida Newton. His paternal grandparents were Anderson T. Nicks and Mary Ann Wilkins. The "Nicks" lineage goes back to Kent and then Sussex, England (in the 1400s). Hey, Christine and Stevie might have the same ancestors!

They do have some of the ancestors listed as "Nix Nicks," so probably those surnames were interchanged at some point. And any time you got a father and son walking around in those days, you would just call the son, Nick's son. So, I think the link to Nixon and Nickson is very likely.

Now, on Aaron's mother's side, the tree doesn't go back that far. Mary Ann's mother and father were Jonathan Wilks and Susanna Black and that maternal line came from North Carolina, Texas and Georgia.

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