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For those who didn't understand:


BASICS: Kickstarter is a crowd funding site. It is used by artists to raise $ for projects. People “back” a project they like by making a “pledge”. They get a “reward”, usually something pretty cool.

Here are the 6 main points to remember:

1) Backing a Kickstarter project is NOT making a donation! When you "back" or financially support a Kickstarter project, you are purchasing a “reward”. You are also helping the project at the ground floor, but you always get to choose a "reward" of fair or comparable value. The more you pledge, the nicer the Reward, and there are many possible levels of support.

2) Most important thing to remember: When you back a Kickstarter project, it is a "pledge". No money is charged to your card. NONE! You can increase, decrease, or cancel the pledge at any time. You do not even need a present available balance, and there is ZERO RISK.

3) The card is ONLY charged AFTER the campaign, and ONLY IF the campaign is successful to reach its target. (The US Festival target is $60K, and the campaign ends Dec 19. If it doesn’t reach the target by then, no money is transacted and no pledges are EVER charged. A Kickstarter campaign is all or nothing – that’s why we’re counting on you to help get there.)

4) The earliest pledges are the most important. It helps the project get seen by more people. If you know the Project Creators, the sooner you back the better, and again - the card is not charged until the end.

5)The only things needed to set up a Kickstarter account are a name and email. You can even use a fake name. It takes less than a minute. You go to, click Sign Up, enter a name and email, pick a password, and you have an account. Boom. Done.

6) Once you have an account, you can make a pledge. CLICK HERE TO GO TO OUR PAGE

That’s it! When you go to our page, please plan to spend a few minutes. Watch the video. Read the copy. Scroll down and watch the music video in the MUSIC section – featuring B-52’s, Talking Heads, and Tom Petty. Then choose any Reward, and follow the prompts from there. If questions, email me/us or click Contact Me on the page, upper right.
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