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Originally Posted by button-lip View Post
Yeah, because last thing we know, it's the band's wish to give fans a last proper album
Well I seriously did have a dream last night that I was in a car with my mother and brother and the DJ on the radio said he was about to play cuts from the new Fleetwood Mac album.OMG was I ever excited. The first track was a Lindsey Buckingham song!! It sounded a bit like Caroline but it was a new song and then the next track was a Christine tune with LB prominent on the vocals as well and I remember thinking it reminded me of Hold Me a lot. Then came a brand new rendition of Smile At You!! This was an incredible vocal and a version that doesn't exist in real life but of course I knew all the words cause it's a released song already.They made it a serious rock and roll song and Stevie sounded like she did in 1981. But then somehow in the dream I was in my 20's again and then the dream ended. But it was so frikkin' cool to hear those 3 new songs that don't exist.
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