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Carter Alan’s Rock N’ Roll Diary: August 7 in Classic Rock History

Tom Petty played the Boston Garden on this night in 1981. He did 3 encores that night! The first one began with an old Isley Brothers tune – which one?

ANSWER: “Shout” (you may also know the Otis Day & the Nights version)
What else happened on this day in rock n’ roll history? Here’s the Rock N’ Roll Diary for August 7th, from the College of Classic Rock Knowledge – 100.7 WZLX!

1970: Fleetwood Mac welcomed its first female member: Christine McVie, wife of Mac bassist, John McVie. Prior to joining the group she recorded solo under her maiden name, Christine Perfect.
1974: Peter Wolf married Faye Dunaway. The two later divorced.
1979: A crazed Marshall Tucker Band fan in California stole a car from the parking lot outside the Long Beach Arena and drove right into the building, smashing down two banks of metal doors and one concrete wall in the process.
1987: A Fleetwood Mac band meeting turned ugly when guitarist Lindsey Buckingham announced plans to strike out on his own and then resigned from the band.
2002: Ozzy Osbourne rejoined Ozz-Fest in Clarkston, Michigan after taking a few weeks off from the tour to be by wife Sharon’s side as she began chemotherapy treatment for colon cancer. That therapy was successful in forcing Sharon’s cancer into remission.
In the WZLX ticket stash…

1981: Tom Petty played the Boston Garden.
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