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Originally Posted by aleuzzi View Post
I remember Weston admitting openly on a Brunning-produced documentary video that he and Jenny had an affair. He may have also said they did not, but I wouldn't know why he would contradict himself on this.

With regards to the second point, I too would love to know what happened to that music!
I've read somewhere, sometime, that Weston did dispute he'd ever had a affair with Jenny, can't remember what interview it was, probably some interview he gave around the time There's A Heaven came out. (I'll have to find my copy of that, I think its signed). I guess it depends what you term an affair though, given the history of the band. Maybe more friends with benefits

Then again, he did also once say it was the most expensive affair he'd ever had, something about costing him a career.

From what I've seen of his guitar playing (and from my non-existent technical knowledge on the subject) he seemed a damn waste of a guitar player to have basically never done much after the early seventies. Plus I don't think his solo albums were the best display of his talent either.
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