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Default No vote here.

Originally Posted by shackin'up
I feel the exact same way.
The next few rounds I am On strike. I'm gonna vote lindseysongs to get Carnevaca back, I know that is completely dumb, silly and retarded because it won't work.
I can understand protest by absention, but protest by voting against Lindsey? Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. And I'm not quite sure how screwing Lindsey over shows your love of CarneVaca. Is this some kind of laughable "bribe" to Johnny Stew? Are you "protesting" because you think he got banned for Tusk survivor?! Get real. CarneVaca was not suspended for voting in favor of Lindsey, Gerald. I like the guy too but I'm not about to show that by voting off Lindsey songs.(!) Have you told him about this winner of a plan?
- Nancy

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