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The Onion did this piece on Steven Tyler being laid off, but some of the excerpts reminded me of a band a little bit closer to home:

"Analysts speculate that the sector-wide lay-off was a result of multiple factors, including redundancies in the singing-songwriting division, rising rehab fees that have cost the group millions, and a 34% decline in jumpkicks since 2003. In addition, some of Aerosmith's younger, more ambitious employees, such as Joe Perry, 57, are willing to sing and play an instrument at the same time, often for half the salary [well, no one in FM is willing to take half the salary!].

Tying a scarf to a microphone stand is unfortunately no longer a marketable skill.

Aerosmith, whose unemployment rate has held steady at 0 percent since the start-up rock outfit went public in 1970, recently underwent a paradigm shift away from what many deemed an antiquated business model. In the early 2000s, Aerosmith stopped manufacturing hits and instead began to focus primarily on repackaging and reistributing its existing product.

Tyler is not the only one in the industry to be affected by the recent recession. In January, Bad Company was outsourced to China, and just last week, Don Henley of the Eagles was replaced by a drum machine.
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