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Perhaps her biggest talking point is having worked with the US producer, Bjorn Thorsrud, whose previous collaboration includes the Smashing Pumpkins. To get an insight into just how powerful and respected Thorsrud is, he charges $10,000 per song. And last year, the Pumpkins's Billy Corgan paid him $1-million to work on a side project with him over a year.

"I contacted him on facebook and the next thing he flew over and we spent three intense weeks in the studio." Esjay glows while relating the story. "He told me he did the album because he believes in me. He said he's only believed in three women in his career and one of them, besides me, was Stevie Nicks."

She is clearly focused on making a big success of her career.
This is reflected in the way Esjay is in control of all aspects of her career.

"Stealing Love Jones is the love if my life. The other members are essentially session musicians. I can't expect them to put their wives in front of the band."

She recently bought shares in Face Studios, in Westville, where she recorded the album, as well as a house - all through money generated from Stealing Love Jones .
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