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This is an excerpt from a Filter Magazine article on Supergrass and how it manages to keep the audience interested:

The Avalon, Hollywood CA - 07.12.08
Filter Grade: 88%
by Kenny S. McGuane | 07.15.2008

Remember back in ’96 when Fleetwood Mac did that reunion tour and they put out the live album The Dance? Do you also remember how they made the listeners sit through new Fleetwood Mac songs? They didn’t actually think that people paid hundreds of dollars for tickets to see a reformed Fleetwood Mac play new Fleetwood Mac songs, did they? I think not. Same thing happened with the Eagles. Who wants to go to an Eagles show to listen to a bunch of old-farts play new Eagles tunes? Don’t bore us, boys. Either play “Witchy Woman” or get the hell off the stage.


Right. Lots of hugely successful bands run into this problem as they age. Perhaps the key to keeping people interested in a band’s newest artistic endeavors is to try and never break up. Otherwise people are just gonna come out to the shows demanding the greatest hits, which is fine for the audience but annoying—if not totally insulting—for the artist.
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