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[Hey, I like the way Car Audio tests this automobile sound system!]

Driver's seat: CenterStage didn't excel as anticipated from the driver's seat. My first track was from Fleetwood Mac's "Gypsy," I found the midrange to be a bit harsh at a fair volume but the highs stayed near the dash. Stevie Nick's voice was very forward but vague to the point that it was almost unfocused. I really didn't feel like she was singing directly in front of me and I couldn't get a sense of a full stage mainly due to the fact that I could localize the speakers from left to right. Gloria Estefan's "Remember Me With Love" was better in the vocal section and not as harsh, but once again the presence wasn't there for me. Some of the speakers seemed overpowering and didn't set a good stage; but the instruments had some good tones and I did like listening to "Indian Summer" by The Rippingtons. A lot of information came out of the 2" speakers, which managed to keep up with the music.

Passenger's seat: Sitting on the passenger's side I had a new perspective about this system. The stage was very nice and high with good depth and focus in the vocals. It was very odd to hear such a shift and even more so because the harshness in the vocals was absent and the overall tone was flatter. Increasing the volume a notch made it even more impressive. Both Nick's and Estefan's voices were right on cue directly in front of me, making me feel like I was at a concert. The stage was wide and the information was more accurate. The cymbals were sharp and a little brassy at times, but I could finally see the potential with this setup. Every instrument was laid out from right to left just like a good stage with no dominant speakers. As you'd guess, I sat on the passenger's side more than the driver's side.
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