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Excerpt From

TURNING 50 IS NOT SO NIFTY, by Jon Mark Beilue

Today, I turn ... Today, July 4, I turn ... Today, July 4, Independence Day, 2008, I turn 50. There are hundreds of us in and around the Panhandle experiencing the same thing this year, so I ask all of us from the birth year of '58, and the Class of '76: What happened? How did we get here from there?

I can remember distinctly sitting with my roommates hooked on this new thing called MTV, vowing not to leave the television until we ogled sultry Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac singing "Gypsy" just one more time on these new music videos.

Now I'm watching TV Land and trying to find my reading glasses and a pen to jot down the 800 number as actor Robert Wagner extols the benefits of the Senior Lending Network.
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