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May 1, 2008. Section: ACCENT


Anne Rodgers

Idols come in many forms: One woman's dreamboat can be another's disappointment. But most female fans have at least one hitmaker they long to see in concert more than once. When Charm editor Anne Rodgers asked other women of a certain age to reveal which musicians they'd hit the road to see live onstage, the response ranged from country to pop crooner to rock.

Stevie Nicks, The Beach Boys

Ever since I attended a jam session in Malibu, Calif. in the late '80s I have gone all out for Stevie Nicks. (Christine McVie sat next to me and Kris Kristofferson played too.) It's that unique, nasal voice of Stevie's that I love. I have a few of her albums and hope to go see her when she plays in June at Hard Rock Live.

I also like the Beach Boys. I love their sound and I saw them at the Hollywood Bowl in L.A. in the '80s: My daughter and I were dancing in the aisles.

I'd hit the road for either of these acts.

- Sally Crawford, 70something, West Palm Beach

Todd Rundgren

I have been a faithful fan of Todd Rundgren's for 34 years.

My first show was back in the summer of1974 at Central Park and I haven't stopped yet.Plane rides, car rides, you name it: I will still wait in line at general admission shows for hours on endso I can be front and center.

I have made some great friends along the way. About 12 years ago, I met two people inline at a show in Atlanta who'd driven all night from Florida . . . We have been the best of friends ever since. I was even in the delivery room as their daughter made her way into this world 10 years ago.

Some people look at me cockeyed when I tell them all that I do for Todd, but it's a joyful experience and it keeps meyoung.

- Julie Feldman, 49, Lake Worth

Bobby Rydell

I have always loved oldies rock 'n' roll because those songs transport me back to those simpler, less complicated times. So when I interviewed my teenage heartthrob Bobby Rydell in 1988 for an article I was assigned to write for a local entertainment newspaper, I saw it as a golden opportunity.

I was thrilled for the experience, as well as to be invited to his performance that evening. Even though I was a woman of 42 and a mother of two teenage daughters, I reacted like a 15-year-old.

Bobby and I have remained friends ever since, and I often spend time with him and see his shows when he comes to South Florida to entertain.

- Judy Goldstein, 61, Boca Raton

Eric Clapton

So many rock stars . . . so little time! But, I'm old enough and employed enough to be able to afford the price of a ticket! I've got a date with the man of my dreams on May 5, when Eric Clapton plays the Hard Rock. The last time I saw Clapton was at the (long gone) Fillmore East in New York. Can't wait!

Toughest decision now: what to wear!

- Janie Grackin, 58, West Palm Beach

Keith Urban

I am a full-fledged Urban-ite: an official member of the Keith Urban fan club, who must have a daily dose.

For my live fixes, I traveled to one of his shows in Virginia last year and to another one down the road in Sunrise.

If you don't know Keith's music and dismiss him as a "country twanger," I understand, because I never paid ANY attention to country before and couldn't tell you Brad from Merle. But Keith is a rocker at heart and an incredibly talented guy, not to mention his ability to get women's hearts of all ages humming!

- Kaffee Keldie, 56, North Palm Beach

Jimmy Buffett

My own concert favorite is Jimmy Buffett, and I have been to three of his concerts up north during his summer tours. I have a set of fins to wave and a T-shirt from each venue. My favorite-of-all-time song is Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw?, right up there with the timeless Margaritaville.

- Gloria Dennen, 79, Palm Beach Gardens
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