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Originally Posted by SteveMacD View Post
I love it when editors show themselves to be idiots.

The argument seems to be that because the band played a club tour, it somehow diminished the good name of Fleetwood Mac (as if Stevie and Lindsey were having success). Here's the problem with that line of reasoning: Any tour billed as Fleetwood Mac that does not have any singers from the "Rumours" band would just play clubs, be it the "Time" band or a hypothetical reunion of Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac. I highly doubt they would judge the latter as harshly because of the venues they were playing.
Well, depending on the quality of the clubs you're playing, you probably wouldn't be judged as harshly either, if the club is known for the quality of the talent it attracts, its acoustics, etc.

Also, if you're alone on the bill or playing with a string of other crippled acts makes a difference. Yeah, the "club" wasn't the problem. It was just an abbreviated way of describing a collection of factors that the writer perceived as negative.

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