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Originally Posted by vivfox View Post
Nick Badami once told me that heating the outdoor stage for Fleetwood Mac was “the most expensive thing I ever did,” explaining that the band’s contract required the outdoor stage be 72 to 75 degrees. “It wasn’t the band which was expensive, it was the heating bill," he recalled, laughing.[/b]
You know we laugh about self-indulgent riders, but I don't think this is one of them. I once saw Christine performing with those gloves with holes through the tips on. They were all visibly cold (with vapor coming from their mouths) and it looked like it was a very uncomfortable night for them all. I know movement and hot lights warm them up a bit, but they can't perform their best when its frigid. Plus, they open themselves up to throat ailments, which could put a wrench in a whole tour schedule.

So, I'd say that wasn't too unreasonable a demand.

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