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U. S. Royalty band member Paul Thornley mentioned being influenced by FM and Lindsey:

What were some of those shared influences that you talked about?

JT: Oasis.

JM: Kings of Leon.

JT: These days, now, there’s been how many years of recorded music? Eighty or ninety? It’s getting to the point now where there’s so much music now that you can’t just say, “Oh I like ’80s stuff or I like ’90s stuff.” I think that folks our age now take in all of it. I think the real challenge is finding bands that cover what you’re kind of going for. So when I say I like a band like Oasis or Kings of Leon, that’s not necessarily saying that I want to write music like they did, it’s going for a convinced vibe or sound and saying, “These guys would be great to play with.”

PT: What else? The Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Lindsay Buckingham, I like every era of rock and roll.

JT: I think we appreciate a lot of stuff so I think we take each song by itself. We write a whole bunch of songs and thereupon we try to figure out how do these fit in together. Like we played one song for our first couple of sets and thereupon we wrote a new song and we’re like, “OK, let’s drop the other one considering we have one now that fits better.” But I think we do better in an album setting considering the albums seem kind of disparate in a sense. There’s different kind of aspects of rock and roll and in the context of an album they compose a little more sense.
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